I Wish I Would, Don't You?

I wonder...I wander, and wish I really would * Write such wise and witty words that they could weave a wondrous world * Where will o' wisps and winged things can whisper to the wind * Which also carries werewolves' howls and wary yowls within * The wizards watch, and whirl and whir, and work their wily spells * While warriors wield their weapons, and the women wait at wells. * Wild wand'rers wake near waterfalls, and waifs wail out their woes. * And I, their warden, willingly, will walk where'er they go * Wreak war on them, win peace for them, and hold them while they weep. * For I will love what I have wrought, and as their writer I them keep.





so no one told you life was gonna be this way

your blog’s a joke you’re broke your otp is gay

it’s like you’re always just stuck waiting here

for a tv show that’s not been on for months, or even for years

but, tumblr’s here for youuu, when the tears start to fall

tumblr’s here for youu, like no website before

tumblr’s here for you, ‘cause you’ve got nothing else to do


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Tolkien full texts


Because my blog is getting a lot of traffic right now, I feel it’s a good opportunity to link to the online texts of Tolkien’s books for anyone who wants to read or reference them. 

Here is the Hobbit

Here is the Fellowship of the Ring

Here is the Two Towers 

Here if the Return of the King

Here is the Silmarillion 

Here is all 12 volumes of the History of Middle Earth (HoME)

Here is the Children of Húrin

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I did’t find these prints by reading Art Historical literature, they were barely studied and hardly written about. I found them because I ran through whole collections looking for artworks with depictions of black people. People have choices in the things they see, and therefore the history of art will always be rewritten.

Esther Schruder, Art Historian, on researching works for the Black Is Beautiful:Rubens to Dumas exhibition

It’s very telling to me that a majority of the art I’ve posted here has been the same method-searching through piles and piles of barely-cataloged stuff until I find something to share.

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how the hobbit should end: eowyn time tavels to the past and slays the dragon and single handedly defeats the entire orc army and saves everyone and everyone lives happily ever after

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